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Welcome To Paws For Pups 
We have lots of amazing dogs, and lovely contributors working behind the scenes here on the blog, with 4 legged friends galore feel free to explore this page and find out more about us.

Rebecca & Poppy- Co-Founder
Hi, I'm Rebecca, and Poppy is my beautiful black labrador. We love nothing more than long walks by the sea, or in the forests. As a boysterous tom boy of a puppy our walks are long and the toys are tough, they have to be! With the brightest smile, and the curliest fur that you ever did see on a labrador poppy is quirky and full of fun and like most dog owners, I'm not quite sure what I did with all my time before I got a dog. The best procrastination since pintrest and giver of the best sloppy kisses known to man.

Simone - Co Founder

Rebecca - Author
Hi I am, yet another, Rebecca, and Maisie is my 4 year old Westie. She loves to play with squeaky toys, and loses interest quickly when they stop squeaking, and is still as bright and energetic as she was as a puppy! Maisey is quite a shy dog but is very cuddly once she gets to know. Maisie finds herself most comfortable sat on the sofa watching the world go by at her window, and you can forget about long walks.

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