Thursday, 2 October 2014

Toys & Games | Multiple Squeaker Toys

The first thing to say is that finding toys to keep Maisie entertained can be difficult, the one toy that she loves just as much as squeaky balls is the multiple squeaker toy dog, I'm not sure of its name but you can find similar ones at pets at home. Like a lot of terriers Maisie loves play with squeaky toys but they never seem to last very long, she will literally not stop playing with it until it stops squeaky which can get very annoying, she has even heard a dog toy squeak on TV and come to find it which is quite cute to watch. So we bought her a multi squeaker toy in hopes it would last longer than a day and surprisingly it has.

So more about the toy, it contains 6 squeakers which meant it took Maisie about a week to kill them but some she still hasn't burst yet,  they still make a noise which means that she will still play with it. 

I think this brings out her terrier instinct the most as she can shake it which does look like she is trying to kill it, she thinks it's a mouse now unlike our old Westie she hasn't kill any of them as far as we know (bonus). Okay so that is Maisie opinion.

Now mine, from an owners point of view I love this toy it has no stuffing so she can't eat it which she does with plush toys and I am constantly stitching them back together as I can't look at her little face when you take it off her, so  i do a lot of toy surgery and Maisie tries to help by trying to steal it. 

You can also get these with more or less squeakers the biggest one I have seen has 32 squeakers that is available on amazon which could end up being Maisie Christmas present but pets at home do some of these toys, I have left a link down blow if you what to check them out.

Also any recommendations for toys would be great.  

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