Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rebecca & Maisie

Maisie enjoying the nice weather

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I am a psychology student in Newcastle and I normally blog over on Beneath a Moonless Sky where I talk about everything beauty related and the occasional lifestyle post and I am also a dog owner who is now writing for Paws for Pups.
The day we brought Maisie home
I own a 4 year old West Highland Terrier called Maisie who is a very excitable little Westie, Maisie was born in December 2010 and we brought her home in the February just before my 17th birthday. We have had Maisie for almost 3 years now and she hasn’t calmed down at all in that time, she is very excitable and she loves to play with her toys especially ones that squeak and she just loves to destroy them she also gets very annoyed when she can’t stop it squeaking.

Before her first hair cut
Maisie is quite a nervous dog though she can get scared by a lot of things mainly things that beep it first started with smoke alarms and now it really isn’t anything the makes a noise she doesn’t really like. She also doesn’t really like long walks we are not sure why but she prefers short walk to the point she will turn around and drag you home. 

Waiting for a walk in the caravan
Her favourite place is sitting in the top of the Sofa where she can look out of the window and watch the world go by which does mean that she does bark quite a lot when we have children playing outside the house. When she is in the caravan she loves lying on the front shelf where she can look out of the front windows.

Rebecca & Maisie


  1. Lovely idea for a blog- can't wait to see how this develops :) I have a Jack Russell who sounds quite similar to Maisie- she also loves to sit on the top of the sofa and watch out the window, and she hates the smoke alarm (we have an annoying mains electricity one that beeps for ages after it goes off!)
    Jennifer xx

    1. We have the battery operated ones and we can never tell which one needs changing so we have to change all 4 of them as she gets herself so worked up.