Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rebecca & Poppy

Poppy bounding around the garden at 8 or 9 weeks when
she was first allowed outside of the house
Hi, I'm Rebecca, a Psychology Student from Newcastle, a blogger and dog owner. I usually blog at Polkadot Notebook, a beauty and lifestyle blog that, under varying guises has been running for nearly 4 years. But, with the help of Simone and the other authors here I also write for Paws for Pets now too.

I own a 20 month old black Labrador called Poppy, we got her at the age of 7 weeks old and she has been a valued and loved part of our family ever since. Its hard to work out what I ever did with my time before there was a dog to walk and feed. She really has brightened up my life.

Poppy is far more of a tom boy puppy than she is a girly cuddles puppy, she loves nothing more than a stagnant mud puddle or diving face first into big waves and up extremely muddy banks. I'm honestly amazed she hasn't broken bones yet she dives down banks and jumps off things before we have a chance to stop her with no idea of where she's landing or what she's landing on. She really is full of beans!

She is from working stock, both her mum and her dad are working dogs that go off and retrieve things that their owners have shot on a weekend, and is quite short statured, while shes still a pup we cant see her getting much taller now. But really shes a wonderful height, and with her slim build she is beautifully proportioned, even with her massive Labrador feet. She is so unique in her appearance, while remaining typically Lab though. Her hair is quite curly, and she has been mistaken for poodles, doodles and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and everything in between. Especially on her back legs her fur is almost permed its so thick and curly, but I think she is absolutely stunning for it!

Love this photo of her from the seaside
Her favourite places in the world are the seaside and the fields at the top of the hill near my house. She would happily run around at the seaside climbing and jumping on things until her legs fell off. She isn't phased by anything at all, and is always willing to prove us when we say something is too steep or too high for her. She brightens up life so much with her big cheesy grin and the quirky things she does that makes her, her.

So, as it stands, poppy is 20 months old, about 22 kilo, convinced she is a lap dog so will climb up and sit on your knee if she thinks she can get away with it. She's developed an incredible personality and we have finally found a toy that is so robust that she cannot break it, more on this soon.

Rebecca & Poppy 

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