Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Treats & Chews | Pedigree DentaFlex

Pedigree Dentxstix are a staple in most dogs diets. Weather is cleaver marketing or what, they're a hugely successful product that I think most dog owners will have bought at some stage, and that I'm sure all dog owners have heard of. Personally, I've never seen them to be a particularly effective, even the largest size of dentastix are small for Ziggy and she's finished them in 2 minutes or less, in three bites, doesn't seem like an effective way to keep her teeth or gums cleaner than brushing. Dentastix also are only effective if given everyday, something I tend to forget to do.

However, that said, I find the idea of dentastix to be very appealing because...well, have you tried to brush a dogs teeth? It's not the easiest of tasks! Ziggy does not like it, not one bit! So the idea of a product that could help keep her teeth clean and her gums healthy is very appealing to me. Enter Pedigree Dentaflex!

The unique X shape and spongey texture

Pedigree Dentaflex were originally only available in Pets At Home for a promotional price of £1. These are much larger than the original dentastix, and have a spongey texture, but maintain the original 'X' shape of a dentastix. This new texture and larger shape allows for the chewing action to get closer to the gum line to remove plaque and prevent build up around gum line, leading to a much deeper clean. These also only have to be given twice per week, something I really can remember! I think my favourite thing about these though is that the texture means my dog actually has to chew this up! these can last her 5 minutes or more, which is quite a long time for my Ziggy! The chews are also low fat so can be given as part of a balance doggy diet without much guilt. Since I started giving these to Ziggy, I have noticed a different in her teeth, and they've helped reduce the stubborn plaque around the top of her canines. I'm also a big fan of the size! most chews and treats come in one size, and when your dog is quite large like mine, it's nice to be able to give them something that fits them size ways. 

These chews are available in three sizes, a small for dogs weighing between 6kg and 10kg, a medium size for dogs who weigh between 10kg and 25kg, and a large being suitable for dogs who weigh over 25kg. This is really my only criticism, as once you get passed 25kg there is still a lot of dog! an extra small size for toy dogs and an extra large size wouldn't really go amiss with dog owners I'm sure!

The Large size really is large!

Pedigree Dentaflex chews are now available in most supermarkets for the introductory price of £1, and in Pets at Home for between £1.25-£1.75 depending on the size required. I really recommend these and have seen them to make a difference to Ziggy's oral hygiene.

Simone & Ziggy

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