Friday, 12 September 2014

Toys & Games | Chomp and Chase Field Disk

By fluke of chance when mum and I were toy shopping for Poppy in TK Maxx we found the strangest of toys, an orange rubber disk, that looks a little bit like a discus with a squeaker in the middle. We didn't think much of it at the time, but when we saw it there it was only £3.99, and we took a chance. She needed new toys so we bought.

It turns out this Chomp N Chase Filed Disk is quite possibly the best dog toy we have ever came across, and nobody in our family can understand why. But its a pretty awesome toy, it bounces, rolls and floats, responding to the surfaces it lands on, and its soft rubber and thin shape seems to be nicer for Poppy to hold than average toys like tennis balls and bone shaped throw toys. But, even better this thing seems damned near indestructible. Poppy is amazing for destroying toys, even "indestructible" toys for Rottweilers and this toy has lived strong while others and newer toys have fallen by the wayside. The squeaker still lives and the material is hardly worn.

Poppy verry happily playing her own game with the toy, we are still yet to understand
the "rules" of this game other than that dad is not permitted to join in. 
The adoration Poppy has for this toy is beyond comprehension, its the only toy that she will actively hunt out if we store it in the porch, the only toy that she will play with constantly for the entire walk and not grow bored of for a single second. The look of joy and adoration when you pull it out on a walk is heartwarming. It is pure unadulterated joy when she sees this toy. We werent able to find a second one in the UK so actually went so far as to get a relative in the states to bring one over when he visited because we are so concerned about if we lost it that we needed a spare.

And, that in itself is the only downside of this toy. It isnt available easily in the UK there are a lot of US sites such as amazon and Caitec (the cheapest Ive seen it). Its frustrating because it is such an amazing toy and there is nothing like it in the UK market. We still try to keep an eye out in TK Maxx but until then we are stuck with ordering them from the states and paying the whopping postage and packaging charges. But she is worth it purely for that joy. They seem to range from $7-13 USA readers certainly need to pick one up!

Rebecca & Poppy

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