Monday, 15 September 2014

Training and Behaviour | Halti Non Pull Harness

Original Source - Far too many logistical issues with photographing a black dog,
in a black harness in half darkness half blazing sunshine
While we were visiting the lake district with Poppy we had some quite serious problems with Poppy pulling, the excitement of a new place and new smells was just too much to deal with. Myself, my mother and my brother all sustained injuries within the first day as a result of her pulling. With myself having a possible fractured finger. As a result we ended up buying a Halti Non Pull Harness to try and save ourself some problems.

Now, if you've never heard of Halti they are a brand that you really should familiarise yourself with. They have a whole range of amazing products to help with dog walking. From amazing quality leads to head and body collars to bring dogs under control they really are worth a look to if you are having problems with your dogs behaviour while walking. The idea behind this non pull harnass we found in a local little petstore in Keswick is that dogs have a sensitive spot in the armpit of their front legs and the light pressure that is placed there when the dog pulls against the harnass is enough to remind them to stop, without causing any pain due to the soft padded material of the harnass straps.

Original Source - webpage also shows harness in action showing the immediate change in behaviour 
We found this worked instantly in helping with her behaviour. We went from a labrador who was pulling severely causing a lot of pain down shoulders and back to one that walked at heel far better than we had ever seen within seconds. Even without it needing to put pressure on. But it was there as a reminder when she did decide to try and pull again. This doesnt hurt her but shows such an amazing improvement in her behaviour its hard to fathom. But even better from a dog owners perspective it reduces the risk of her causing herself harm, it removes the pressure from her neck and throat that had been a quite significant problem, we have experienced occasions where she will pull so hard she has blown blood vessles in her eyes. This completely removes this issue by placing the pressure across her chest rather than entirely upon her throat.

This is a really good harness, she looks smart in it and its easy enough to get on and off, slipping it on over the head, and then her legs through the loops it is very quick, and more importantly with things like this, it actually works. I really do love this harness and while it isnt something I use with her on a daily basis it is a really important part of our dog walking.

Rebecca and Poppy 


  1. I'm definitely going to be looking into one of these! Rex doesn't pull very much when we walk, only when he REALLY wants to smell a pole or a wall but when he does pull I worry if it's hurting him at all. What size would you recommend for a Jack a Russell? He's around 7kg.

    Absolutely love your blog. I've ventured over here from twitter - @leonuhhh.
    Leona ::

    1. Poppy wears a medium, and she's about springer spaniel sized, so I think a small would be the best size for Rex. It would be worth checking out a retailer though that way you can try it on him and see what fits best for his frame.